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Verb. A Male, Who While During Intercourse, Spreads His Womans Naked Legs And Thrusts His Knee Into Her Crotch. Followed Up But Mass Ejaculation Into The Vagina.
"Man, Last Night I Was Slammin The Salmon To The Moon And She Loved It!"
#salmon #pussy #vagina #jizz #slam #knee
by Sparkyyy2009 July 29, 2009
Utilizing Products Advertised By Vince Offer Shlomi In Order To Smoke Your Weed. This Art Is Only Used As A Last Resort To Get Your Fix Of The Devil's Lettuce.

In Order To Do This, You Gotta Chop Up The Dope With The "Slap Chop" And Then Roll It In A Small Cut Of "Sham-Wow"
"Are You High Man?"

"Yeah, But I Lost My Pipe, So I Had To Resort To Sham-Weeding"

"Dude That Sucks... But At Least Youre High!"
#vince offer #shamwow #slap chop #marijuana #intoxiacation
by Sparkyyy2009 August 03, 2009
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