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Verb. A Male, Who While During Intercourse, Spreads His Womans Naked Legs And Thrusts His Knee Into Her Crotch. Followed Up But Mass Ejaculation Into The Vagina.
"Man, Last Night I Was Slammin The Salmon To The Moon And She Loved It!"
by Sparkyyy2009 July 29, 2009
Utilizing Products Advertised By Vince Offer Shlomi In Order To Smoke Your Weed. This Art Is Only Used As A Last Resort To Get Your Fix Of The Devil's Lettuce.

In Order To Do This, You Gotta Chop Up The Dope With The "Slap Chop" And Then Roll It In A Small Cut Of "Sham-Wow"
"Are You High Man?"

"Yeah, But I Lost My Pipe, So I Had To Resort To Sham-Weeding"

"Dude That Sucks... But At Least Youre High!"
by Sparkyyy2009 August 03, 2009

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