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To exaggerate.

- Hyperbolating
- Hyperbolation
Teen 1: "How are you going to get your Mom to let you go to the concert?"
Teen 2: "I'll hyperbolate about the importance of seeing it."
by Sparkly Faerie January 14, 2008
1. A new character in the game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. She is a replica of Sora (the hero), made from his memories of Kairi. She is created by (and later inducted into) Organization XIII for the purpose of taking the place of the Keybearer.

Depending on the relationship that the beholder has with Xion, she usually resembles Kairi, but has been known to also bear the faces of both Sora (to Roxas and the author of Secret Report Day 255 (assumed to be Xemnas)) and Ventus (to Xigbar), as well as a hooded doll (to Saix). It is largely unknown what others perceive her to look like - Namine once told Riku that her 'face was originally blank'.

2. A character of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days who has struck fear and hated into the heart of rabid AkuRoku fangirls, as she appears to have some kind of romantic connection to Roxas (particularly in her death scene).

3. The death knell of AkuRoku.
1. "Xion's appearance should vary based on the relation of the viewer to her. Saix sees her simply as a puppet. The Program approaches completion. Through Roxas, Xion is assembling a copy of the hero of the keyblade. As proof, she sometimes appears to take on his form to my eyes." - Secret Report, Day 255

2. "Why can't we have our 358/2 Days of AkuRoku without that stupid fool? Why does Square Enix wants to break our dreams of love between Axel and Roxas? Why is Xion existing?!" - AkuRoku fangirl

3. "No. 14 Xion: Ruining any shred of AkuRoku's canonicity since May 30, 2009" - Roxas/Xion fan
by Sparkly Faerie November 11, 2009
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