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3 definitions by Sparkles!

You are fired.
About your behaviour at last night's company bbq...well... we need to talk.
by Sparkles! September 20, 2003
A man who holds naked bbq's, and flirts with all the ladies on MSN. He usually enjoy's a good Bob's Dog, if you know what I mean.
"Man, that Stossage sure is bombing with the ladies!"
"Not going near that Stossage, he's naked!"
by Sparkles! October 01, 2003
1. A jokes site for kids and all the family !


2. Description of a bad joke
1. Hey, do you like bad jokes? Go to scatty.com!
2. "Man, that joke sure was scatty!" or "That was a scatty joke!"
by Sparkles! September 29, 2003