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(lee-ton) Girls name, Old English for light Liohtans definately shine. Liohtans are a unique breed and lovers of cats and green, as a colour and as in saving the planet. Beautiful and intelligent, once you've met a Liohtan you will never forget them. Often found having bizarre and interesting conversations, Liohtans always have the power to make you laugh. Liohtans care about their appearance, but have a funky, look that is unique to them. Most people who know them would describe them as crazy and a great friend.
"oooh look at that green hippy style top... thats so Liohtan"

"better do a Liohtan and get that recycling sorted"

"Randomly taking a door off its hinges with a knife... thats something Liohtan would do"
by Sparkle13 April 01, 2009

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