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12 definitions by Sparkina

One can't think straight, usually because one is in love
"Ever since I met Big Tito, I feel like my brain is in sideways
by Sparkina July 19, 2004
Iridescent sparkles, especially as used in cosmetics.
"My manicurist recommended this really insipid shade of nail polish-- frosty iridescent pink with shiny little candy flakes in it. I mean, what am I, in seventh grade?"
by Sparkina July 22, 2004
a talkative man. Derived from a phrase in a sating-advice site
"I have so much to say. Oh, I am just such a chatty carlos tonight
by Sparkina June 16, 2004
same as peoplecake, so called from HUman and MINK, because such a relationship is to one's life what a mink coat is to clothes, something very nice, yet something that one could do without very well.
"I'm not marrying Betsy. She's just my humink."

"My relationship with Brad is strictly humink."
by Sparkina August 16, 2004
someone who's unpartnered and wants to be partnered
My sister is a table-niner ever since her fiance left her at the altar
by Sparkina May 11, 2005