21 definitions by Sparki

Nail paints in fun frosty shades
French manicures aren't for me. Give me the ol' fun-n-frosty any day. I'm asking the manicurist to do acid green!
by Sparki October 06, 2003
a cosmetic pomade flavored like fruits, candies, or sweet beverages (hence the "punch") used to make kisses tasty and lips glossy
Should I wear the cherry lip punch or the cola?
by Sparki July 29, 2003
A man, gay or hetero, who enjoys or is great at sex
My boyfriend is El Zorro del Boudoir-o!!
by Sparki October 05, 2003
an ornamental "bobble" fastener for ponytails and braids -- two beads or other ornaments attached to either ends of an elastic loop or elastic figure 8
I just got a pair of hello Kitty widgets
by Sparki July 29, 2003
to have sex
We were sliding last night!
by Sparki October 06, 2003
Short for LATINO
Ricky Martin has GOT to be the hottest looking Tino guy I have ever seen
by Sparki July 29, 2003
someone gorgeous, of either sex
Jose-Antonio is a total love puff
by Sparki October 07, 2003

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