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To become aware of what's going on; to "get with the program."
"Suzanne keeps talking about marrying Carlos. I'd wish she'd board the clue train and realize that Carlos doesn't want to marry her and all his talk about doing so is just serving her playfood for lunch to shut her up."
by Sparki July 19, 2004
Of a lady or a gay guy, having had sex
"I got sworded last night!"
by Sparki October 05, 2003
Term of address meaning a pipsqueaky kid
"Get lost, babyjunior"
by Sparki July 29, 2003
A term for a random item that you can't identify
Martin will never be a true computer geek. He refers to the cursor as the "little glowing thingoid on the screen"
by Sparki October 05, 2003
The male appendage, usually that of a little boy
Mommy gave my baby brother a bath, and I saw his petit-martin
by Sparki October 06, 2003
A man who is a gentleman and caring toward his partner. The best thing a guy can be
"Shana's boyfriend is such a dashing caballero. Heblew off a night at the prizefights to keep her company at the hospital when her father had a heart attack."
by Sparki July 19, 2004
A vivid analogy/comparison I coined, describing being duped or hoodwinked; a tantalizing offer or prospect that turns out to be phony or empty.

It is comparing being duped to the imaginary but descriptive scenario of invited to someone's house for lunch and seeing an assortment of delicious looking food on the table, but then, upon being served, discover that it's only very realistic-looking playfood. It looks delicious, but it's a toy, a prop, only fake, nothing you can really eat. Similarly, if someone makes you a tempting offer that turns out to be phony, it too looks great, but it's nothing you can really act on, it's only fake.
"Bob offered to go into business for me, but today, he told me he decided he didn't want to do it. Boy, did THAT turn out to be nothing but playfood for lunch!"

"Suzanne, I want you to stop talking about marrying Carlos. Carlos doesn't want to marry you, OK? He views your relationship as a break in his routine and nothing else. When he talks about you two having a life together, he's just serving you playfood for lunch!"

"All the companies that offer instant weight-loss products are serving the public playfood for lunch."
by Sparki July 19, 2004

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