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A time period of when somebody says they will be ready in a minute but really it will most likely take them a couple hours.
Jordan: Where is Andre

Anthony: He said he will be here in a couple minutes

Jordan: Damn, you know Andre operates in Jamaican minutes
by Spano_13 June 06, 2010
The occurrence of sperm being ejaculated down a persons bush in a way that separates the two halves of the bush symmetrically therefore it looks like a skunk.
John: Jenny are you alright?

Jenny: =( No

John: Whats wrong?

Jenny: Pat gave me the worst Skunk Bush of my life and it took an hour to get it all out
by Spano_13 August 03, 2010
The use of perfume or cologne to hide the smell weed.
Guy 1: What's that smell?

Guy 2: That's probably my costume I had to put it on I just boxed the car.

Guy 1: Logical.
by Spano_13 February 07, 2011
Using any clear eye solution most of the time Visine to cover that your eyes are ripped from all the bud you smoked. The person or people you are with will not know your high when you have your mask on.
Me: I'm hungry, lets go eat at the cafeteria.

Dave: We can't go to the cafeteria our eyes are done!

Jordan: Don't worry I brought my mask with me, We're straight.
by Spano_13 November 25, 2010

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