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most of you are a bit off with this definition. i was around when this term first came about. yeah it means male bitch, but it refers to a dude on the internet who just does "LOL!" to everything like a retard. a rekin is like a LOLtard. he's a bitch in that way - he just laughs at everything, even shit that's not humorous just to kiss major ass. also a rekin thinks that dumb ass shit is funny, and he won't even understand the actually funny shit because he's just a retarded dumbass who does "LOL" and all "LOL" variations (lol, LMAO, ROFL, hehe, haha, hahahaha, ahaha) to everything.
"yo dude, it's nice weather out."

"hey what do you call a pig that does karate?...porkchop!"

"yeah homes, i got layed last night."

"you mothafuckin bitch, what the hell do you keep LOLing for?"

"can i eat your boobies with a knife and fork? LOL!"
"wtf bitch, are you freekin retarded?"
"i'll slap you, bitch rekin..now shut up with your senseless comments."
by Spanish Fruitfly July 07, 2006
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