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Bishie like person, loyal and trustworthy boyfriend to Rhibo
Corresponds to the 3 B's of Bribo:
Overall, a generally good guy, good for using as a confession box too :D
Rhibo: I wuv my Bribo *^^*
Bribo: Jonnie!
Bribo: :0
Bribo: Give me money!
by Spak July 16, 2004
dean grimshaw
by spak November 29, 2003
Spak faced cunt who thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.
Also a fat headed grammer spaz who checks everything he says in word, not knowing that no one cares aslong as it is legible.
Also see fucktard idiot spaz angin ang retard hypocrite loser jobo spak cunt fuckface gay twat dick
extar: hello you are a stupid little kid, you should not cry at anything, becaue you are an emotional, melodramatic little prat!
Oh sorry about that...
you immature little brat *starts insulting again*

extar: it's spelt hypocrite

extar: i love men
by Spak July 17, 2004
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