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Someone who is uber-cool, smart, sexy and often witty.
This person is typically good at adapting to hair colour treatment changes, and can make very good sandwiches.

Lyanne is a female given name short for Juliana (and can therefore mean youthful or dedicated to Jupiter) or a combination of Lia and Anna. The name "Lyanne" is also French for "climbing vine".

A compound of Lee: wood, and Anne: grace, favour. Can also be a diminutive of Julianne: downy, hairy. Can also be derived from Helen: Liight; beautiful woman, and a variant of Liana: Youthful; bond.
"Wow she is so graceful and witty."
"Its because she has such a Lyanne personality"

*High Fives*
by Spagooglia March 25, 2010

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