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4 definitions by Spades Neil

1) In the video game Ace Combat 5, Razgriz Squadron is the nickname, and later official name, of the four protagonists of the story.

2) Fictional demonic being who is introduced in Ace Combat 5 as a mythical being who appears during times of war. Razgriz is a representation of war its self.

2) Someone who normally keeps to themselves except in the most serious of situations, where they prove extremely helpful.
When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals its self, first as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses its power to rain death upon the land, and then it dies. However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns, this time as a great hero.
by Spades Neil June 12, 2009
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A high school in Methuen that is so dirt poor that it doesn't even have walls between classes, and it's a school that essentially magnifies everything high school life has to offer.

It has an unbelievable past record in sports and past accomplishments, but more problems with the students who inhabit it than any other school in the entire New England area. It's certainly considered a shithole in many aspects, but some people seem to enjoy the randomness of the place. Like the rest of Methuen, almost everyone here is a stoner or has something else fucked up with their life one way or another. Others have major anger problems. The school is comprised of four sections, North House, South House, and the Media Labs (also known as ML Hallway) on the top floor, while the SC and BE sections are downstairs along with a few elective classes scattered around. North House is mostly language classes. South House is Math and History. The ML Hallway has Skills classes amd Health. The SC section has science classes and science labs. BE is anything and everything technology.

Methuen High school is filled with /b/tards, newfags, weeboos, faggots, anonymous retards, people who play The Game, and stoners galore. Methuen High school is also the victim of numerous bomb threats and false fire alarms on a nearly monthly basis. There have been a couple years where threatening to blow up the school was trendy or something because it happened like once every other day for a while. All in all this plays back into the randomness of the school. If the school ever had a legit fire alarm, lockdown, or bomb in the building, everyone would die because no one takes it seriously anymore.

Methuen High School is full of failures. The school average was recently determined by a survey with horribly stunning results. 49% of the school is in the D and F range. It's not that everyone is stupid, it's that because of all the druggies, no one really cares. Most drop out and say they'll go back for their GED but of course no one does. Most people who graduate still end up failures in life because no one has the incentive to actually go to college where your future starts to matter.

Basically, the school is again a shithole filled with no-life teens who screwed up the whole city they live in. However, on the very rare occasion that Straight Edge] kids go through the school, it tests them to their limits, and they turn out better than everyone else and go on to live lives as laywers, business men and women, or even return to the school as teachers to try and fix the crap that was screwed when they were kids. Little by little, the school is improving. In recent years, dividers were added as 'walls' to make teaching easier.

As stated before, Methuen High magnifies everything. You either come out a ruined, lifeless stoner zombie who becomes an hero later on in life because everything sucks so bad and it's your own damn fault, or you become a very successful person who lives life happier than the average Joe. Methuen High is a true testing ground of all your aspects and traits. It's problems are what make it ironically great.
Methuen High had another bomb threat today, but no one went home.

Fire department is pissed because Methuen High pulled the alarm... again.

Out of 100 freshmen in Methuen High, only about 20 graduated.
by Spades Neil November 02, 2008
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Mass suicide over something stupid. It's the combination of an hero and genocide. It's basically genocide on yourselves.
All the cultists an herocided in the Washington Monument Reflection pool.

Emo kids should just all go to one big gathering to an herocide and get it over with.

A Canadian army? That's an herocide!
by Spades Neil April 04, 2009
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A computer program used to record video games and other computer activity instead of using a shitty camcorder to get crappy low resolution videos and making an ass out of yourself on YouTube.

Often used to create a Machinima.
I captured my epic headshot triple-kill on Fraps!
by Spades Neil June 30, 2010
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