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3 definitions by Spacemandito

The act of dressing and making one self look, act, and smell like a legitimate Zombie. In Layman's terms a person costumed as a zombie for no particular reason other than to pay homage to any undead entity.
Example one: There were a ton of Zobmies participating in the "International Thriller Dance"

Example two: Halloween is often chalked full of Zobmies.
by Spacemandito October 26, 2009
The act of watching and taking care of a Drunk or Inebriated Person(s), while you are intoxicated yourself.
Ex) "Yeah I was stuporvising Evan last night so I didn't get home until three."
by spacemandito July 07, 2009
Term used to describe teammates or enemies in an online game, who are very unskilled.
(Returd Baby is a replacement word for Noob)
"my name is (insert name) and I'm a Returd Baby, Wanh!!"
"Bunch of returd babies, put them in a pot and cook them in a stew"(used to describe more than one person)
by spacemandito September 21, 2008