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Silly point-and-click fun at its finest.
"Look behind you! A three headed monkey! ... island."
by Spacecow March 16, 2003
A species of bovine well suited to the hostile environs of the vacuum of space. (see: Hey Diddle Diddle, Futurama)
While flying their spaceship, Fry heard a thud. "Oh no!" Fry exclaimed. "I think we hit a space cow!"
by Spacecow March 08, 2003
NOT an underwater creature!!!
"schnorks is NOT an underwater creature!!!"
by Spacecow March 08, 2003
For reasons still unknown, the funniest fucking word ever.
"Hey! Check out that mop! Ahahahaha!!"
by Spacecow March 08, 2003
A program that creates a network between users to make your downloads go really fast and all but eliminates leeching. It's pretty cool, dudes.
"Hey, BitTorrent is cool and stuff. It makes me want to sing songs of joy and happiness."
by Spacecow March 16, 2003
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