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A culmination of ignorance under the guise of a slang dictionary, with the rare intelligent definition lost amidst a sea of nonsense. Not to be taken seriously, though good for a cheap laugh on occasion.
1) Optimist: "Why don't you have any faith in mankind?"
Pessimist: "Because I visited Urban Dictionary..."

2) "I feel like self-victimizing some lifestyle/religion/etc., because the Media hasn't done it enough yet. I should go to Urban Dictionary!"

3) The student failed his essay because he took Urban Dictionary as a serious reference.

4) The child laughed as he posted another absurd definition for something he knew nothing about on Urban Dictionary.

5) The original creators of Urban Dictionary wept as their user-driven slang dictionary decayed into nothing more than a tragic joke.
by SpacePirateKhan April 09, 2008

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