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1: Fear of imperfection.
2: An awesome science fiction war novel.
I can't wait until Atelophobia is published!
by SpaceDolphin April 10, 2005
A powerful and sexy digital audio player which packs more features for the same price as the ipod. This is what people that do all of 5 minutes of research get instead of a ipod.
While it may look like a cheap ripodd to the untrained eye, the iriver is actually superior to the ipod and costs about the same.
#ipod #mp3 #i river #music #audio
by SpaceDolphin December 29, 2005
The natural process of the earth heating up over time in between glaciations. In recent times this process has been sped up dramatically because of the burning of fossil fuels, as well as occurances in nature as the result of global warming. The increase in heat leads to ocean levels rising, lifeforms dying, and people becoming pissed off. Over time it can cause massive climate shifts.
People use the fact that global warming is a natural process to ignore that we are dramatically increasing the speed at which it occurs.
#global cooling #earth #the end of the world #george bush #ice age
by SpaceDolphin January 20, 2006
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