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A term used to describe a cool person who is unafraid to express and show their true selves under any circumstances, usually positive and very artistic.
Boy: "Hey Joe, what you doing tonight?"
Joe: "Nothing much man just heading out to a rap concert!"
Girl: "Who is that?"
Boy: "That's just a really good friend of mine, Joe"
Girl: "He seems really robotic"
Boy: "Yea he's a really cool guy"
by Space Guy December 11, 2013
Name of the first $100 Dollar song ever sold by some musician named Jovanos
Guy: "Did you hear that new Stop Drop and Roll song?"
Girl: "You mean the one that people were buying for $100?"
Guy "Yea that one, people are nuts!"
Girl:"He even made a website for it called 100DOLLARSONG.COM"
Guy: "Wow, no comment"
by Space Guy December 26, 2013

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