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Very High, Baked, Shitfaced, trashed or otherwise incredibly intoxicated on marijuana.
Yo son last night i was mad blazed, i was so blazed i didn't even know she gave me head!
by SpAcEs OnEr November 28, 2007
To overexaggerate ones skills at something to make themselves seem better than they are. To display a false facade
Evan: I'm the illest fuckin writer eva
Dylan: Nah u fruttin!
by SpAcEs OnEr December 06, 2007
1. Angry, Mad
2. Wrong
1. Evan: Yo son last night we got caught by the 5-0 bombin
Dylan: Ahhhhhhhhh you tight!

2 Dylan: Son I'm the best trumpet in the band
Ben: Um yea ya tight!
by SpAcEs OnEr December 06, 2007

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