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1) Check the definitions below :D
2) A guy in which if you mess with him, you are sure to get shot or get your ass kiked
3) A type of gun like a flamethrower which burns everything around with a huge flame
4) An aeroplane used in the Second World War
2) Gangsta
3) Sp1tF1r3 - used only in secret military missions
4) As I said, it is an aeroplane
by Sp1tF1r3 March 27, 2004
UT2004 Portuguese clan which can kick you ass before you even notice that they are around

This is just a warning message, so be REALLY CAREFULL with these guys, if you ever see an HeadHunter in a public server, just run away, or you will get you ass kicked!
by Sp1tF1r3 March 27, 2004
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