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To Seef (v. intr.) To tone down a Northern accent when in the presence of Southerners because of embarrassment

I seef
You (sing.) seef
He/She/It seefs
We seef
You (pl.) seef
They seef
Guy: I'm moving down south for uni & want to fit in- do you know how to seef?
Girl: Yeah, just imagine you're doing an impression of the queen

Guy #1: He just pronounced that word correctly, but I thought he was from up North? :S
Guy #2: He's seefing

e.g. -Man in Yorkshire: "Sorry, but I can't do nowt today- it’s propah silin’ down out there and I'm nesh"
-Man in presence of Southerners "I can't do it today as it's raining and I don't want to catch a cold"

e.g. *Guy on the phone to his mother* "Mam, I walked on the grasss and tripped o'er some glasss- I prolly shoulda stuck to the patthhh" *southerner walks past* "Mum, I walked on the grass and tripped over some glass- I should've stayed on the path."

e.g. What the person would say in Doncaster:"Ey up, how's tha doin?"
What the person would say to Londoners: "Hi, how are you?"
by Southerner #4 February 17, 2013

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