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In short, The South is a distinct region of the United States which consists of the same states that seceeded from the union in the pre-civil war era. If you don't know them by now, then you'll never know them. The South is growing at a more than moderate rate and is a lot more diversified than it used to be. The South is the epitomy of amiability but also maintains a great sense of pride. If someone outside of The South "disses" it, a severe ass-whippin can occur.
some idiot: You talk country.
me: What? You don't like my Southern drawl?
idiot: No. You sounded like a dumbass hick during the presentation.
me: I'm from The South, bitch. Plus, I'll be getting my Doctorate while you'll still be hunting for your Master's.
idiot: I don't care.
me: Me either. (thousands of Southerners show up at my defense)
idiot: We're all friends here........right?
by Southern1987 March 13, 2008
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