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Southern White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, the Southern version of a WASP. SWASPs are generally distinguished by their sense of hospitality, respect for their elders, gentlemanly or lady-like conduct, and general helpfulness towards most people. Like their Northern counterparts, SWASPs will not make offense to your face, but will talk about you to their SWASP-y friends later.

Most fraternity men and sorority women enrolled in a university south of the Mason/Dixon line are considered SWASPs. Fraternities where SWASPs may be found include, but are not limited to; Kappa Alpha Order (KA), Alpha Tau Omega (ATΩ/ATO), and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ/SAE). Sororities include, but are not limited to; Delta Zeta (ΔΖ/DZ), Alpha Omicron Pi (ΑΟΠ/AOII), and Kappa Delta (KΔ/KD).

SWASPs wear many of the same fashions their Northern counterparts do, but with a Southern flair (see Southern Proper). Designers and brands favored by SWASPs include: Ralph Lauren, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, Southern Proper, Tucker Blair, Tommy Bahama, The North Face, J. Crew, L.L. Bean, Sperry Topsider, Rainbow Sandal Co., Banana Republic, and Lacoste.
Me: Well we're not from up North so we're not technically WASPs...
My sister: But we do share many of the same qualities...
Me: But, unlike our Northern counterparts, we know what hospitality is, specifically, Southern hospitality.
My sister: So what you're saying is that we're Southern WASPs?
Me: SWASPs! Exactly, similar to WASPs, only better!
by Southern Gent September 02, 2009
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