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Things 'bout sweet Tennessee:
You dont get spanking; you get a butt whoopin'

We dont drink liquor; we drink whiskey

We dont call people from the north northerners; we call 'em damn yankees

We're all rednecks; just some of us are classier than others

Sweet tea and porches; our favorite things

Us Tennessee girls arent sluts; we flirt with everybody

You talk bad bout us or our kin; not only us but our friends will take turns kickin' yer ass

We dont have family; we have kin

Us Southern belles like our curves; call us fat and we'll make you regret it

Kiss my ass; our favorite insult

We people of Tennessee are the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Anything can be fried

Cammo and Guns; our guys' accsesories
Welcome to Tennessee Y'all
by Southern Belle;) January 13, 2012

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