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Southampton is a major port and a very historic place. New cruise liners leave it's docks everyday and it still holds all of it's amazing quality.

The Titanic left from Southampton and Benny Hill - the famous comedian - was born here and buried in Holly Brook cementry.

It has one of the countrys leading hospitals in it and a birthing centre which is the BEST in the UK. It was the hospital which featured in the TV Documentry - One Born Every Minute.

It has one of the most supported football teams in the south of England and has such a feirce rivalry with the neighbouring city - Portsmouth - that half the entrys here are very biased.

All in all Southampton is a great place to live and flourish.
Dad: Hey kids where do you want to go on holiday this summer?

Kids: Southampton!!!!
by SouthVet February 13, 2011
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