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The Southern division of Attleboro, Massachusetts. It borders Pawtucket, Rhode island and is split down the middle by Route 1. South Attleboro is considered the "fast-food highway" of Massachusetts. If you can think of any New England popular fast-food joint, its on Route 1 through Southie(Wendy's, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Subway, D'Angelos). Also known for its enormous liquor store Yankey Spirits, XXX shop, the beautiful driving range and mini-golf course at Atlantic Golf, and Chuck E. Cheese. South Attleboro is considered the nice part of Attleboro. The town is clean, happy, and all around friendlier than Attleboro. The food's great, people are friendly, and the school system (Robert J. Coelho Middle School) is outstanding. There is an annual summer festival at Lee's Pond every July/August. Admission is free, come on down and enjoy some food, fireworks, and fun on the South Attleboro White Hawks practice field with other friendly Southies.

Planning to start a family in South Eastern Massachusetts? Mark South Attleboro down as one of your top options.
I love South Attleboro man, such a nice place.
by South4Life March 04, 2011

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