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One of the 16 subregions of Los Angeles County located in the southwestern corner of LA County next to the beach. The South Bay consists of the following 19 cities, as cited by the LA Times:

- Rancho Palos Verdes
- Rolling Hills
- Rolling Hills Estates
- Palos Verdes Estates

- Lomita
- Torrance
- Gardena
- Alondra Park
- Lawndale
- Redondo Beach
- Hermosa Beach
- Manhattan Beach
- Hawthorne
- Del Aire
- El Segundo
- Inglewood
- Lennox
- Westchester
- Playa Del Rey

The South Bay is known for its diversity in the regard to ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds, rivaling the diversity of many regions across the country and world. As the South Bay is located in a southwestern pocket of LA, reaching as far away as 10-20 miles from interstate freeways such as the 405 and 110, providing for better preserved beaches that are reliably alleviated from the consistent group of tourists that crowd other beaches in LA/OC. Many of our northern cities are conveniently located next to the 405 and 110 freeways that bring you directly to downtown LA or other areas of SoCal that anyone would care to go to.

Growing up here provides for a less “sheltered” upbringing in comparison to some regions of LA and compared to other areas of SoCal and in CA in general as you inevitably go to school with, work with, and befriend people from the region that belong to one end of the socioeconomic spectrum to another end.
Despite any ongoing, trivial debates anyone picks with you about the name “South Bay” compared the “South Bay” located in the SF Bay Area up north, one thing is for sure if you want to compare just the two South Bays alone: you’re guaranteed a less cookie-cutter, and more diverse experience down here growing up than in the South Bay up north where the technological feats will hold no relevance to your experience there unless you actual work at those companies.

"I'm from the South Bay area of LA"
"Dude, why do you call it a South Bay over there? There's no Bay there, it's hella stupid"
"Not as stupid as living in your static, boring area with a real Bay."
by South310Beezy July 03, 2013

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