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Possibly the absolute worst gang in history. First of all, it was founded in a middle-class, suburban town with only about 30,000 residents, and about 10,000 of them are seniors living in the gigantic senior center. This notorious gang goes around tagging, yes that's right, TAGGING, random stupid useless landmarks in town- electrical boxes and abandoned buildings mostly- OH HORROR.

These members mostly write "SSD" on these buildings although they actually spelled out their gangs name once, and we are all very proud that they spelled it correctly. All in all, just a bunch of losers who spray-paint in the middle of the night, but watch out- because they are "Out to kill".

1. Buddy 1: "Hey man, wanna hear a joke?"

Buddy 2: "Sure"

Buddy 1: "The South Side Demons"

Buddy 2: (laughs out loud)

2. Guy: "Man my 5-year old cousin came over, and boy

was he annoying. He took crayons and wrote all

over my wall. He did more damage than the

South Side Demons."

3. Loser: "I'm working at Motel Caswell. It's a step-up from

my last job- Editing the taggings of the South

Side Demons."
by South Side Angel motha!ucker July 30, 2009

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