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A bad-ass white street gang who are responsible for an assortment of illegal activity from beatings to robberies, home invasions, vandalism, and drug dealing. South side demons are also known as "SSD" and the "Demons" The "Demons" orriginated in Tewksbury Massachusetts specificaly in South Tewksbury or the south side. On the south side the crime and poverty levels are much higher than the rest of Tewksbury's. South Tewksbury is basicaly one big slum. This leads to troubled youth growing up with no real positive role models. This forces many teenagers to turn to the gang life for help. And this is true for the south side demons. The south side demons have chosen the colors black, red, and sometimes green as their colors and they have turned south tewksbury into a battle ground. Often having gang battles against gangs intruding on their turf they are sworn enemies of gangs such as the "Tiny Rascal Gang" (TRG), "Tewksbury Bad boyz" (TBB), "Brown Mafia", "Azian Boiz" (ABZ), the "North Billerica Boyz" (NB boyz), and many others. As times get worse gang membership continues to grow and it is estimated that "Demon" membership is somewhere between 50 and 65 but that number may be much higher. Typical signs that destinguish a "Demon" are hand gestures (sticking up pinkey finger and pointer finger to simulate devil horns), tatoos of devils or demons on their right arms of back, and red black or green clothing or bandanas. This gang is a growing threat and are becoming more dangerous.
On April 11 2010 a gang related shooting occured outside the I hop resturant in the Wamesit section of Tewksbury. It is believed it was caused by a "South side demons" (SSD) member and a member of a rival gang the 'Tiny Rascals Gang" (TRG).
by South Side 4 life April 18, 2010

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