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A show that makes fun of societys ignorance
Man,South Park was so true yesterday
by South Park Fan August 06, 2003
The Bible is awesome.
The Bible is awesome.
by South Park fan December 08, 2005
Something antichrists always bring up on forums to bash and offend Christians and demean Christianity and the mods never have a problem with it since they're all antichrists too and and no one ever has any problems with it until some Christian speaks up and says that it's not very cool of them all to be doing that.Then the mods usually get mad at the Christian for making a big deal out of it.Christians almost never bring it up and the rare times they do it's always passive and harmless and completely non-offensive and they still get bashed on by the antichrists and the antichrist mods close the thread too early.But 99.9% of the time it's the antichrists who always bring up the topic of Jesus or the bible or Christianity just to be demeaning assholes about it.
Christianity is on the receiving end of entirely too much bullshit.And it's always the pompous antichrists who are always bringing the topic up time and time again.
by South Park fan December 08, 2005

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