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4 definitions by Soused

Slang word to define the male "penis".
Met this filthy whore last night and fucked her with my jizz pistol. It was locked, cocked and ready to rock.
by Soused February 26, 2007
The act of having to return to the washroom to wipe your ass again as you did not remove all the crap the first time.
that shit I just took was so sticky, it required a re-wipe.
by Soused February 26, 2007
The act of cranking one off while taking a shit.
The shit I just took was taking way too long, so I started a pooyank to pass the time.
by soused April 15, 2007
poo-ee-ville slugger. The act of shitting into a sock and then slapping it across a womans face during sex.
The bitch was complaining that I was humging her too hard from behind, so I gave her the pooiville slugger.
by soused April 04, 2007