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An extremely white cock; a penis that is whiter than an untanned ass.
Girl1: Hey, Johnny was frogging me really hard last night!
Girl2: That's gross, his weiner is a butter stick.
by SourPwnage November 11, 2012
The act of painting your fingers on the hand that you masturbate with, individually with each 1 color of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple). You then proceed to very lightly touch the opening of your penis with each finger, so that it creates a mixture of colors directly on the opening of your penile skin. You then proceed to masturbate as usual, with wet, colorful fingers. Your penis should turn several colors during this process. When you are about to release ejaculatory fluids, rub the tip of your penis once more with the several colors. When your ejaculatory fluids are released from your penis, it should be very colorful and bright.
Guy 1 = Dude, have you ever tried a Rainbow Dash?
Guy 2 = Isn't that from my little pony?
Guy 1 = No the masturbation Rainbow Dash!
Guy 2 = Oh fuck yeah! They are so amazing. I decorated my mother's birthday cake with my multicolored sperm.
by SourPwnage November 28, 2012

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