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A girl who listens to emotional music that are usually unheard of by other people. She wears what emo boys SHOULD wear meaning: large baggy clothes, sweaters, black rimmed glasses, chuck taylors,and either little to no make up, or heavy loads of make up. Or she will wear exactly what an emo boy wears: tight vintage t-shirts, tight girl pants (as it should be), hair flippy and messy over face, black thick rimmed glasses, chuck taylors, jelly bracelets, and of course track jackets. She often cuts herself to relieve the pain from her broken heart, and will parade around showing that she has a broken heart in anyway (as in a shirt with a broken heart, or a bag with a broken heart on it). Often a tortured soul who tries to keep it to herself, but sometimes it slips, she will cry silently to herself, and most of the time an insomniac and quiet a musician and/or poet.
Gosh that girl is such an emo chick, you can totally tell by the way she cries everytime she walks by that boy.
by Souppy July 10, 2005
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