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The act of using your finger as a surrogate toothbrush after having forgotten that you just used said finger to finger a bitch.
Last night, this bitch I was hooking up with stuck her tongue so far down my throat that I puked all over her floor. She wouldn’t let me use her toothbrush, so I had to use my finger to brush my teeth instead.

“Oh shit, I just fingered you with that finger.”

Pussy Finger Toothbrush
by Soundboy24 March 24, 2009
A girl more ugly than a dog.
Damn, that bitch a sub-woofer.
by Soundboy24 November 13, 2009
The act of willingly storing semen in the vaginal cavity following intercourse with the expressed purpose of later expelling the semen in the face of the male donor; an accepted form of retribution for a donkey punch.
“I got that bitch good with a donkey punch, but when I lay back down in bed she jizzqueefed yesterday's load right into my face.”
by soundboy24 July 18, 2011

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