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A Melka is someone who wears there pants to high and acts like a nerd. HE/She is generally good looking though and has many friends. All though he/she may dress funny they are considered to be cool. It is used as a compliment.
Man, He's so Melka

Lookin Melka!
by Soulja_Shed December 12, 2007
A Furfaro is someone who often likes to pull pranks on somebaody for no reason. It is usually in the from of a diss, such as "You're such a Furfaro. It can also mean someone that enjoys touching other people's hair or acting inappropriately.
Why'd you just hit me down, your acting like a Furfaro.

Stop touching me, You're being so Furfaro

Man,Dave is so Furfaro when he calls everyone a nerd.
by Soulja_Shed December 12, 2007
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