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Souless Ginger.
Tyler Soares is a souless ginger.
by SoulessGinger July 07, 2010
Lazy, unorganized drug dealer. He is known for underachieving and lack of motivation to do anything with his life. He is a dissapointment to humanity, commonly found in parent's basement. Known to attack when xbox is in danger. WILL FIGHT FOR FOOD!!!!!(though does give up easily). His xbox is his only friend and his life would be meaningless without it. Intense hatred of nazis and portugeuse people, and dislikes everyone else who is not Italian. He is recognizable by his inability to shave, lack of a haircut, and he is usually alone in a dark corner. Very probable to remain single for eternity.
Guy: Dude, I need some drugs......
Other guy: Go buy some off Maxwell, he sells them cheap.
The Guy I mentioned before: Where can I find this dude???
Other guy: You can find him in a dark corner in his parent's basement playing Xbox and guarding his food.
by SoulessGinger July 07, 2010

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