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a sad thing that came to life by the the mass-marketing of emo music. attend to an emo concert and you will think the person standing in front of you is the twin of the one behind you - or next to you - or behind that one...

distinct features:
-baggy pants
-tight shirts (preferably black, band shirts, indie motivs or just thrift store)
-chucks or vans
-black greasy mop-top hair, covers at least one eye
-silver jewellery
-black glasses
-at least one piercing/tattoo (if mommy allowed)
-dance style: "congestion" or "headache"

the emoclone is the epitomee of individual style gone commercial
-*rub eyes* wow i guess i´m drunk i keep seeing the same guy with the greasy hair over and over!
-no those are emoclones. *shudder*
by soul76 December 15, 2004
If something is "Murks" then it´s simply shit. usually the product of someone´s inability to do just the thing he/she/them tried to do. Can also be used for describing something: he totally murksed it.
Person1: Look at that picture th artist sold for 4000.
Person2: What the fuck?! That´s total MURKS! A drugged ape would do much better!

Person1: Heard of Bill proposing to Jane?
Person2: Yeah he toally murksed it. I can till see how swollen his left cheek is.
by Soul76 October 19, 2003
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