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3 definitions by Sou'wester

A cyclist going the wrong way in a bike lane.
The defendant blamed the collision on the fact that he had to take evasive action when he encountered a salmon in the bike lane. (Bike Snob NYC)
by Sou'wester March 31, 2010
146 83
A fart at the end of a good, long piss.
pppppppssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ... pfft
Exclamation point!
by Sou'wester July 26, 2010
13 1
A police helicopter with an active searchlight, flying over an urban area.
Jill: "What's that police helicopter looking for with that searchlight?"
Jack: "It's just another urban coon hunt."
by Sou'wester October 10, 2012
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