5 definitions by Soto Capo

typin rhymes on
youtube to instrumental beats
yo check out my flowtube?
by soto capo September 03, 2008
flowing to instrumental tracks (preferably) on youtube
t: check out when im flowtubin on the internet as i interject cruisin like tom or penelope i bomb when u tellin me
by soto capo February 06, 2009
to flow on you tube to instrumental beats
yo did you check out my flow tube??
by soto capo August 29, 2008
means to be gone or to tell someone you are leaving
r: "yo you out?"

t: "yeah man, im peace to the gods."
by Soto Capo August 23, 2008
when you are trapped or locked up in something (aka jail, a house, in the car, with wifey)
yo i cant go anywhere cuz im coup de ville in the house.
by soto capo September 11, 2008

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