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Short for "skimboarding", the sport of running and jumping on a specially made board and skimming over the surface of the water (usually at the beach). The 2 types of skimming are:

- Sandskimming -
Done by skimming parallel to the beach across a thin layer of water, usually on a sandbar or other flat area. Almost all skimmers start this way, although there's lots of room for expertise with advanced sandskimming tricks.

- Wave-riding -
With wave riding you start higher on the beach, and run down the slope hopefully getting on your board before the shoal drops off. From there you ride out to a wave, carve into it and ride it in, performing your bag of tricks along the way.
"hey you guys wanna get some surf?"
"nah man, the surf sucks, i'd rather gargle cat wiz... I just wanna skim today."
by SotaSkimmer April 06, 2005
Basically, bingo hosted by gay and cross-dressing men.

The drag queen bingo phenomenon started in Seattle in the 90s when an AIDS support organization hit upon the idea to use it as a fundraiser. The idea enjoyed wild success, and is now much more commonly a commercial endeavor hosted by urban nightclubs on otherwise slow weeknights.

Bingo players can expect a lot of humorous banter and innuendo from the hosts, mostly of a sexual nature. This isn't your grandma's bingo. No one is safe, and players should come expecting to be made fun of at least once.
1: Dude me and the gf went to drag queen bingo downtown last night, it was the funniest shit.

2: Yeah? you win anything?

1: Almost won a couple times. but it was still pretty fun.
#drag queen #cross-dressing #bingo #gay #pwa
by sotaskimmer December 15, 2009
What you tell the really hot out-of-town girls who ask what you're doing with a board on the beach (ignore the others who ask). More commonly called "skimming" by those involved in the sport...
"hey ;)... what's that called?"
"skimboarding...ya wanna learn?"

See also skimming
by SotaSkimmer April 06, 2005
Rather self-explanatory technique used by a guy for suggesting and/or forcing a girl to go down on him. While making out or during a quick break, one hands is placed behind the head of said girl and gently but firmly pressed in a downward direction.
So Jenna and I are makin out, then I use the ten pound hand... she got the picture
#head #going down #forcing #sex #suggestive
by sotaskimmer February 13, 2008
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