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2 definitions by Sorceror72

a late 80's and early 90's hard rock band.
Whitesnake is the best band in the entire universe.
by Sorceror72 February 27, 2005
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1) a subculture grouping usually classified by non-goths as anybody who is depressed and wears black. that's not the half of it. goths range widely in mentality and appearance. some of them are very depressed, wear black, and link about suicide. some others can be happy and fun, but simply have pessimistic tendancies and a dark, sarcastic sense of humor. many goths in middle school and high school were nerds in elementary school. many goths are quite smart and creative, liking to write and draw. goths prefer to be alone or with people like them, and can't stand most "normal" people. they tend to be quiet and reluctant to draw attention to themselves, even shy at times, but inside they can be affectionate and even sweet if they're in the right mood. they don't care about what people think of them, it's how they think of themselves that matters to them. if a goth gets a haircut and nobody likes it, he/she doesn't care as long as he/she likes it. goths tend to be inquisitived to a point that they offend other people with questions regarding religion. can be quite defensive of their opinions. sometimes stubborn. doesn't like to make friends. if you want to be friends with a goth (hypothetical situation), you have to go slow, be content to just be aqquaintances for a while until the goth gets confortable around you, as goths don't like to socialize too often. GOTHS ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM MARYLIN MANSON!

2)goths are often very reluctant to share opinions and ideas or anything they've written or drawn, but if approached the right (or wrong, depending on your outlook) way, they can be somewhat crude and in-your-face. goth is actually short for gothic, coming from several tribes in europe around the time of the roman empire (some of them actually caused the fall of it)
1) Maria's father died, and ever since she has been goth.

2) The Visigoths invaded the northern roman empire in it's last days, about the same time as the vikings.
by Sorceror72 November 03, 2005
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