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Mount Olive is a township in NJ consisting of two towns (Flanders and Budd Lake) that is considered "upper class." Here's the rundown.
Elementary School: There are four elementary schools, and each is totally different. From the start, the children are treated like CRAP and have to follow specific schedules if they don't wish to be screamed at. Lunch in elementary school is hell because there are about 3 old fat ass hags that scream if the noise in the lunchroom reaches the equivalent of a cat's meow, because it probably is breaking their maxed-out hearing aids. The lunch sucked, including rubber hot dogs (which I learned from experience BOUNCED), other than pizza on Fridays. OH YES!! PIZZA DAY!! The lines became astronomical, so big, in fact, that the children were lined up all the way out of the lunchroom. Recess was similar to prisoners being watched over during their hour of "outside time." If you talked "too loudly" during lunch or ran, played tag, etc. during recess, you had to stand facing the wall while the Nazi recess aids (aka the lunch aids from hell) stared you down. I went to Mountain View elementary, and the quality of schooling there was horrible. The status of the building was horrible, as well. A majority of the rooms don't have proper heating or ventilation, and my brother had to be taken out of his classroom because of a poisonous gas leak. Exciting, huh? You can't even learn a 1st grade education in 5th grade without worrying that you'll DIE from poisonous gas inhalation.
Middle School: Basically hell confined in a prison. The principal is psychotic (as in, happy all the time, like a clown) and the kids all think they're hot shit. The sixth graders, from the start, are all druggies, sex-fiends, and preggo's, other than the select 10 or 11 kids that actually want to succeed. The 8th graders think they're the coolest kids on EARTH, and pick on the younger kids in the school because they're all insecure. Lunch is worse than elementary school, because now there's 4-5 lunch aids that are even more like Nazis. The noise level cannot be louder than a pin dropping, and the food is crap. Undercooked/overcooked, even raw food isn't a surprise here at M.O.M.S. Oh yeah, the 6-8th graders think they're cool cuz they go to a school that's name is moms. MOMS?! Hello, the school's name is the metaphoric name for the damn lunch aids!! EVIL AND TWISTED DEMON MOTHERS. The only good things about middle school are the Medieval Times trip in 6th grade and the DC trip in 8th grade, although, they've cut the DC trip into 2 days, which includes a cruise and a hurried walk through the monuments, which nobody cares about anyway.
High School: Being a freshman pretty much sucks, because you're ridiculed and the beginning of the year always starts with one or two "Freshman Fridays" (where upperclassmen write large F's on the arms/legs/open skin of Freshmen). You're lost all the time and you never have a chance to rest. Being a Sophomore is no walk in the park, either. Dealing with all the new Freshman is horrible, and the work is doubled. Preparing for college and SATs actually begins, and the stress is loaded on for all the people that care, and the others just assume they're going to CCM, when they'll probably be working a cash register at Shop Rite for the next 10 years. Juniors believe they run the school, because the Seniors don't give a shit. The principal was a cheerleader, and HE (yes he) has the most convoluted and irritating "academic/achievement" speeches every morning. Nobody listens to these, and afterword, you're either forced to walk the building, read some book (but no homework) for 20 minutes, or watch the stupid broadcasts put on by MO's TV club of unfunny, unoriginal shit bucket. Lunch is a crazy time, because every single person in the school eats at the same time. They spent tons of money improving the cafeteria, while only 1/3 of the entire school can eat there. The other 2/3 of the school population has to eat on the gym floor/bleachers or crappy picnic tables the cruel, unforgiving janitors have to set up EVERY SINGLE DAY. The pep-rallies are crap, the kids are cruel druggies, sluts, or tools, and the kids that actually want to succeed are forced to learn at a middle school level that will guarantee them a spot at CCM. What a success.
Mount Olive is the worst town on the face of the Earth
by Sophomore In Hell August 10, 2009

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