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Someone who exhibits an extreme attraction to the following: grass, shrubs, dirt, or any other form of wildlife in their back (or front) yard. Typically this affection is in a romantic or sexual sensation.
Kayleigh is a lawnophile
by sophocles April 23, 2008
1. adj. pertaining to characteristics of the smartest and wisest being in existence, who often times utlizes charm with his striking good looks to convey heartful messages to his followers.

2. noun. a sage.
3. noun. a powerful and important man.
"When I first laid eyes on that Kasaris, I was awestruck. My knees buckled, my lips quivered.. in his presence."

"You are so smart and rediculously good looking, you should change your name to Kasaris."
by Sophocles November 30, 2006

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