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The term 'Joe Holt' refers to the ginger species that resides in Woking College. This species tended to inhabit the busy metropolis also known as the 'LRC' until one fateful day that stupid bitch librarian kicked them out of the LRC for laughing like a little school girl. Nowadays you can usually find this species in the science block trying to catch up on their physics and chemistry, which I am led to believe they are failing.
This Species enjoys the company of girls with 5"2 legs and also likes to eat homo cakes like little chocolate whatchamagigs and christmas cakes, which will soon be discontinued and on that day, I myself will be able to laugh, for once, like a little school girl at the 'Joe Holt' species.
PS: This species will soon becomes extint when I invent the GI5 unit of MI5.

*Pretends to cut wrist* hehehehehe
Joe Holt: *giggles like a school girl* (He's 17 by the way, this isnt good)
by Sophieyo December 13, 2007

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