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2 definitions by Sophiesblues


The after effects of dating/breaking up with the same person repetitiously. Results in emotional fatigue, inability to function emotionally and numbness of emotional limbs.


Copious amounts of yoga, hiking, alcohol and unemotional random sex.
Experts say if you keep going back to the same bad relationship you have a much higher chance of developing Repetitive Emotional Stress Injury.
by Sophiesblues February 04, 2010
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Mostly enjoys sexual relationships with those of the same gender but occasionally dabbles in "opposite sex" sex.

Usually, just a phase.
I went out last night to a straight club and ended up having a homoflexible moment. I made out with a hot fireman then took him home and didn't cook him breakfast but he certainly cooked for me.
by Sophiesblues December 16, 2009
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