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Blonde, sexy mama. Loves to hang with Boyfriend. Likes mudfights, horse riding, and listening to her iPod. You can always count on Amity to have fun. She is DEFFINATLY not a boring person. Guys easily fall for, and no one can blame them. Has a ghetto booty..but dont go thinking shes fat. She has a small waist, and pale skin!
Holy cow. she's such an Amity.
by Sophiedizzle March 10, 2008
A funny girl who likes to ride bareback. Gets loud when nervous. Has blonde hair. used to pick wedgies. Once you get to know her, you;ll love her. She's a gangster who likes to have mudfights.
Wow! that girl is so Amitizzle. The way she falls off that horse.
by Sophiedizzle March 10, 2008
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