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An Emmet is a man of brilliant natural talent, an entertainer, is highly intelligent, very creative, is the life and soul of the party, has beautiful eyes, chiseled abs, stunning features, and is really really ridiculously good looking. He is a leader of men who is respected by his peers. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. Some Emmet’s can suffer from an addiction to pain medication such as Vicodin, while others can suffer from a compulsive gambling disorder. However this does not stop Emmet’s from achieving greatness. Emmet’s are adored by women and all go on to become a Legend.
When asked at a recent Hollywood Premiere what her ideal man would be like, Super Model Marisa Miller said "I'd love to meet an Emmet, those guys are amazing"

"That guy Emmet is a Legend"

"When I grow up I'm changing my name to Emmet so I can get all the girls too"

"An Emmet got have a code"

"That Emmet fella is the funniest bastard I've ever met"
by Sophie1001 February 05, 2010

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