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Fucking with the woman on top and squatting on the man's cock. Knees are off the bed and actual squats on done up and down on the cock. Hands hold the top of his shoulders for balance and leverage. Excellent cardio workout, great for the abs, quads, glutes and she controls the pace for her orgasm.
Sophie was getting quite a workout doing cock squats on Jay's cock.
by Sophie-Jo December 16, 2011
Acrobat. While fucking, the art of arcrobatic moves to keep the cock in the pussy while changing to various positions.
While Jay was on top of Sophie, fucking her, they did a Flying Panzini to flip over so Sophie could get on top.
by Sophie-Jo November 02, 2011
While fucking, withdrawing the cock completely out of the pussy, then thrusting it back in at full force and the pelvises (pelvi?) collide.
While Jay was fucking Sophie, he pulled his cock out and rammed it back in with a Burst of Fuck.
by Sophie-Jo October 26, 2011
Words shouted by a woman who is getting fucked, when her man decides to stop and go down for a snack of poontang pie, but she wants him to keep on fucking her.
Jay was fucking Sophie, then decided pull out and chow down on some poontang pie, but Sophie wanted to continue to be fucked, so she shouted, "get outta town!".
by Sophie-Jo November 10, 2011

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