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A person who claims to be Russian for a prolonged period of time. However it is later revealed that they originate from Poland, Kazakhstan and/or the Ukraine and have a slight tendency towards racism.
"Dude, you know that Russian girl I met the other night?"
"Well, she was actually from Poland, Kazakhstan and/or the Ukraine"
"Mush, you got elizaveta'd!!!!!!!11"
by Sophie Heineken February 03, 2008
Doing it doggy style.
"Dude, I totally snoopied that ho before I supermanned her last night"
"Mush, don't you mean snoopy sex, for the purposes of this argument?"
"Homie, yo, I do."
"What a whore and/or slut."
by Sophie Heineken May 03, 2008
A freezer AND an oven.

No need for:

1. Manual labor - just turn the dial from freezer to oven
2. Packaging - anything in the froven when the dial is turned from freezer to oven will be cooked


Quite a few, but none that offset the above.
Dude, I'll be home in 10, stick on a pizza for me.' 'No 'problem homie, I'll just whack the Froven from -30 to 200' 'Sweet.
by Sophie Heineken November 27, 2010
Invented when some person wanted chocolate and a cocktail at the same time because they had no patience whatsoever. It's yet to take off as a standardised product let alone a good one.
Hey!" "What?" "Hey You!" "What?!" "Fancy some Cockolate?" "No. You disgust me." "Cockolate.
by Sophie Heineken March 10, 2011
Commonly but not to be mistaken for it's sister term "Lounge & Drink" (with spaces), Lounge&Drink is a special type of Lounging & Drinking involving: an overextension of most body parts included in the lounging process (differs dependent on cultural identity, personal preference and rate at which person tends to be a bit of a *******); the compulsory handling of drink in one hand; and the rolling back of the head so as to imitate someone that's not quite all there.

A second common mistake with Lounge&Drink is the unsubstantiated myth that you actually have to drink. You don't, but it's subtle: you have to at least pretend you are.

The third and most important distinction to make is that Lounge&Drink is only fun for people who actually understand the distinction between Lounge&Drink and Lounge & Drink (aka blasphemy). In some less aware cultures it'll get you incarcerated pretty fast.
Hey!" "What?" "Hey you!" "WHAT?!" "You look down to me; you need to Lounge&Drink." "NO. I'M A NORMAL PERSON. LEAVE ME ALONE." "Lounge&Drink.
by Sophie Heineken March 10, 2011
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