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5 definitions by Soph88

When you are trying to type WTF (what the fuck) and instead make a typo and type WTD, thus making (what the duck)
"WTD that is so whack!"

"I don't know WTD happened."
by Soph88 April 28, 2011
When you have too many chat-windows open at the same time.
L: I have 3 chat windows open on omegle to screen out horny males.
T: That's like, overchat.
by Soph88 October 11, 2010
When you intimidate someone online.
"I e-intimidated her I think. She isn't talking to me anymore!"

"I don't want to e-intimidate you."

"I'm not coming across as e-intimidating am I?"
by Soph88 April 28, 2011
To take the D.C. metro system somewhere.
I metro'd over to his place!
by Soph88 March 23, 2011
A cross between the words eliminate and intimidate.
I shall elimidate my opponent in the boxing ring.
by Soph88 November 20, 2010