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Go Girl - (noun) a woman so beautiful that she can make people stop when she walks by. A "Go Girl" works hard for her money. She has at least 2 different men that want her. She can blow your mind and keep it hood all while still acting like a respectable woman. She couldn't be stopped even if she wanted to.
see.. Ciara feat. T-Pain - Go Girl

'Cause I be going on 'em,
Ooh they couldn't stop if they wanted to
That's why they call me
I'm the Energizer, PlayBoy bunny, I keep going and going
And you know it, that's why they call me
Please let me know, if you really want mo'
I can take it to the flo'
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show,
Call me baby I can be your Go-Girl
by Sopey Sope February 27, 2009
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